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Problem clarity, stakeholder centricity, and mindful intervention 

are the greatest enablers for sustained impact.

We help you connect them synergistically.


At 86B, we utilise a theory-based, research-focused, framework-driven, mixed methods approach to monitoring & evaluation, the cornerstone of our outcomes validation being verifiability & triangulation.

Non-profit Organisations

Development Institutions

Incubators & Accelerators






Digital Media

Working across diverse domains & organisations has allowed us to consolidate expertise & experience.  This positions the work that we do at the strategic core of our clients' long-term vision and action,

as we continually expand our portfolio.



We work with you to conduct needs assessments, impact evaluations, pilot & scale tests, and portfolio performance assessments.

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We enable you to integrate impact in M&E + product functions and articulate impact in strategic + leadership positions.

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We build capacity through introductory courses or customised workshops on impact definition, methodologies, & rigour.

Key Projects

India Development Review

This involved the development of an Impact Report to assess IDR’s contribution to knowledge curation, networking, and advocacy efforts.

My Choices Foundation

This involved the development of an Impact Report to assess MCF’s efforts in addressing gender-based violence and human trafficking.


This involved coaching ITH's M&E team and assessing needs as they deployed their telemedicine interventions across various geographies.


This involved evaluating MM’s WhatsApp Bot pilot to understand its desirability, feasibility, and effect on physical + psychological outcomes

Indian School of Public Policy

This involved conducting a series of weekend training sessions + week-long asynchronous tasks to introduce the essentials of social impact.

SAFA Society, The/Nudge

This involved intensive, stage-wise, ToC redefining, which employed a participatory approach & human centric design across project teams.

Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation

This involved a portfolio assessment of IPSMF’s accelerator approach to digital media organisations, focused on capturing grantee perception.

Foundation for Mother and Child Health

This involved a rapid assessment design to evaluate the district implementation of a tech-enabled, app-based Anganwadi intervention.

Live Projects

These involve capacity building of organisational M&E teams intervening in learning, livelihoods, and culture documentation spaces.

We are also conducting evaluations of organisations focused on entrepreneurial education and STEM career preparedness.


Operating since 2021 & founded in 2023, 86B is led by a development sector veteran and a development sector practitioner, who work collaboratively with clients, onboarding aligned domain experts, M&E experts, and skilled professionals, intended to keep perspectives informed as well as contemporary.

Archana Pillai PhD


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